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In 1994 disused raised train lines in Paris were transformed into the Paris High Line, 4.7 km of landscaped walking and passive recreational area for the locals and tourists in Paris. Coulée_verte_René-Dumont

In 2009 New York city followed the Paris lead and converted 2.33 km of elevated lines into the New York City High line.

In 2016 the residents of Lavender Bay proposed a long-term plan which envisaged joint use of the train line between Lavender Bay and Waverton. The Sydney Harbour HighLine (SHHL) to comprise a walking path alongside a train line.

In June 2016 North Sydney’s Federal and State members of Parliament offered their full support to the creation of the SHHL.

Sydney Harbour HighLine Incorporated

In late June 2016 a meeting of over 200 residents was held to discuss a range of local community issues.

As a result of the agreement reached at that meeting and with the full support by the local, State and Federal politicians to work towards the development of a HighLine on the rail siding between Lavender Bay and Waverton a steering committee was formed.

The steering committee agreed to proceed with the incorporation of the Sydney Harbour HighLine as a registered Association. A domain name was acquired and this web site was established.

The community that has come together on this long-term goal is a group of like-minded people that sees the importance of building on the amenities to support the huge growth in the number of people living in Sydney in general and the lower north shore in particular.

A key objective is to make the existing harbour side parklands such as:

  • The Coal Loader/Ball’s Head Reserve;
  • Waverton Park, Sawmiller’s Reserve; and
  • Lavender Bay Parklands (which hosts Luna Park, Wendy’s Garden, Harry’s Park and the Olympic Pool)

more readily accessible to the huge influx of people expected to take up residence in the medium and high density developments that are planned for the stretch of land between St Leonards and North Sydney.

There is no better way to make those parklands accessible than to evolve the rail line between Waverton and Lavender Bay to accommodate a walking trail. A trail that on any measure, will rival similar trails in New York and Paris.

In the near term it is intended that a couple of community walks and heritage train rides will take place each year. In the long term when the rail line is not operating it will become a landscaped corridor, with a walking trail and an operational line retained for use exclusively by heritage trains.

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